Last week I did an interview for my podcast with Kari, my daughter-in-law’s mother. As a young mother Kari lost her first born daughter to a rare genetic disease. We discussed motherhood, marriage, grief, struggles, and living life. In sharing her story, Kari mentioned she wasn’t sure if she and her husband handled grief right or not.

I mentioned to her that we are all unique individuals and who is to say if we handle grief in the right or wrong way. Of course there are experts that say we need to do it this way or that way but in reality we can only do the best we can at that very moment in time. We find it easy to look back and say well we should have done it a different way or a better way. At the moment, though, we can only use what we have been equipped to use.

Being equipped for those moments and any moments in life are what we must work on on a daily basis. We don’t know what will happen in the future but we can work with what we have today.

Can we pray more?

Can we learn more?

Can we enjoy it more?

Can we plan more?

“Can we” so much more.

I challenge each of us this week to remember with moments we can become equipped so when “the” moment arrives we will be able to use what we have at the time to do the best we can in life.

What will you do with your moment?

Your Friend,