Over the past weekend, my wife, Kim and I moved our daughter Morgan from where she was living to about 5 hours away to her new residence.  

Kim and I drove over 1000 miles during the weekend for the move.  The speed limits along our route ranged anywhere from 35 mph to 80 mph.  I was pulling a U-haul trailer and the back of my truck was loaded and strapped down.  As we approached an 80 mph speed limit sign I looked down at my speed and I was going 70 mph.  With a truck full of furniture and pulling the U-haul, I thought it best to keep my speed at 70 and not try to reach the 80 mph speed limit sign.  

I began to think about the 80 mph speed limit sign and realized that just because I was allowed to go 80 mph didn’t mean that speed was the best for me in my situation of the hauling I was doing.  

Life can be like the 80 mph sign out on the interstate.  

There are times in our life when we are allowed to do things that will not harm or cause problems for others and are perfectly fine to do.  Sometimes for us, in our current situation it is not in our best interest to try to keep up with what we are “allowed” to do.  Our best interest is to stay below the posted speed limit because we know what we are hauling and the consequences we could face if we try to speed up.

My challenge to each is to be mindful that the posted speed limits of life may not be the best choice for each of us in our current season of life.  Evaluate your own situation and decide what is best for you during this season.  

Stay in your lane.

Your Friend,