Yesterday my dogs went out in the backyard and were barking non stop.  I looked out to see what they were barking at and it was the longhorns out behind my house that they were all worked up over. One longhorn is just looking over the fence at the dogs. The longhorn is just staring them down and the rest are just going on about their business eating grass and doing their thing. All the while my dogs just continue to bark and bark at the cows.  

While I watched my dogs bark and the cows stare them down or go about their grass eating business I started to think about how close the interaction between my dogs and the cows behind my house are so much like daily life.  

We all have experienced the same interaction. There are times when we are like the cows and just trying to go about our business and do our thing when there are others, like my dogs, that just continue barking at us nonstop. They could be barking all the things we are doing wrong, negative words, trying to persuade us to go a different direction, and so many other barks that are just meant to be noise.  

Then there are times, we don’t want to admit, we are the ones doing all the barking.  Non stop barking at others with no real meaning behind our bark. Just barking because we don’t like what others are doing.   

I challenge each of us to be like the cows out my back windows.  Others are gonna bark and bark non stop with no real meaning behind the bark, they just want to bark. Be like the cows and just go on about your business and ignore the bark and occasionally you will stare down the barker and eventually the barking will stop because they grow tired of just seeing you continue on your path.  

Be a doer not a barker.

Your Friend,