Good Morning Friends!!

Everyday I see many people come in and out of the gym. Everyone comes in with shorts, t-shirts, shoes, tights, tank tops, and all the usual gym attire. I don’t see anyone come in, in a business suit, shirt and slacks, a dress, blue jeans and a button down shirt, or even scrubs. Based on what you and I see others wear at the gym we can not detect what their profession may be.

Are they a doctor? A lawyer? A factory worker? A nurse? A stay at home mom or dad? A business owner? A blue collar worker? A white collar worker?

Once we enter the gym we all become equal based on what we wear and we are not judged on our importance based on what we are wearing. We are all wearing similar gym attire and all of a sudden in the gym we feel we are equal to everyone else.

Isn’t that funny how based on how others are dressed we deem ourselves important or not important enough to approach others that we don’t know. In the gym I see so many friendships formed that I feel outside of the gym might not happen.

All too often we find ourselves judging others by the clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the house they live in, and so many other ways before we ever take the time to introduce ourselves and get to know them. When we get to know others we are really taking time to hear their story. Each one of us has a story that is unique to us and just as we want to share our story with others we need to take the time to hear others stories as well.

So many stories are shared in the gym because by sight each one of us are on a level playing field. We are equal with a common goal of becoming healthier. Through this common goal and common attire we feel connected to each other which in turns allows each one of us to be approachable while being willing to approach others.

We are all equal with equally interesting stories of our lives. We have all had success and failure. We have all experienced life and death. We have all shared moments with others. We have all felt strong and weak.

My challenge to myself and you this week is to look at others as if we were all equal and wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. Would you act differently towards the other person? Would you speak differently to the other person? Would you approach the other person without a preconceived idea of that person? Would you walk up to them feeling connected because you both had a common goal?

We are equal inside and outside of the gym.

Your friend,