Good Morning Friends!!

Why do we look at a glass of water and believe it to be either half full or half empty? I might look at the glass of water and say the glass is half full. My friend standing next to me looks at the glass and says the glass is half empty.

We are looking at the exact same glass, yet we have two totally different opinions of the glass.


We each look at the same glass but we each have a different perspective of the glass. I look at the glass and am so thankful the glass is still half full because I am so thirsty. My friend is saddened by the glass being half empty because he is so thirsty.

We are looking at the same glass. We both have the same need. We both have different perspectives.

My perspective is one of gratitude.

My friend’s perspective is one of disappointment.

We each have a choice in how we view our glasses of water in life. Oftentimes our perspectives of our glasses in life come from our past experiences. The great thing about viewing our present and future half full glasses of water in life is we do not have to live in our past.

We get to create new perspectives daily that will help us to view our life’s glass of water half full just waiting to quench our thirst.

Let go of the past perspectives and create a new future.

Your Friend,