Good Morning Friends!!

What is your dream for the future?

Were you able to fully describe your future when I asked the question?

What don’t you currently like about your life right now?

I am betting you were able to quickly list all the things in your life right now you would like to change.

The above questions are a good example of what we focus on. Oftentimes we focus so much time and energy thinking towards the things we don’t like or don’t want in our lives. For some strange reason we keep getting those things in our life and not the things we are dreaming of.

Actually the reason is not strange at all. The reason we keep getting those things is because we focus on them. Seems like that is all we talk about and think about and give little talk or thought to our dreams but only on occasion.

I want to challenge each of us to stop focusing on the things we don’t like and don’t want in our lives. Start giving them little thought and start directing all of our focus on the things we dream of. Start talking about our dreams all the time and start thinking about our dreams without ceasing.

We will begin to see over time that we are moving towards our dreams and further away from our things we don’t want in our life. The reason is simple, we have changed our focus. Where our focus goes, so does our life.

Focus on your future, not your present.

Your Friend,