Good Morning Friends!!

Over the weekend Kim and I went to a little town called Mountain View, Arkansas. We were headed back to our AirBnb, about dark, when alongside the road we began to see little flickers of light. We kept watching the little flickers when all of a sudden we realized they were fireflies. We hadn’t seen fireflies since we were kids.

We hurried back to our tiny house and quickly found the porch swing and sat and watched all of the fireflies flying around.

A slight breeze.

A bird singing.

Fireflies glowing.

Quiet, relaxing peace.

Our worlds get busy and sometimes we forget to take a few minutes to enjoy the fun memories of when we were younger. I challenge each of us to take time to sit on the porch swing and listen to the quiet and watch the fireflies as we take a moment from the hustle and bustle to be in the moment. Moments pass and we often don’t know where they went and are gone before we have time to catch them.

Catch your moments.

Your Friend,