Towards the end of last week I made my usual weekly trip to Walmart to purchase cases of water for the gym. Not always my most fun trip each week but one I make to better serve each of our gym members to be able to offer cold, free bottled water.

I parked and headed down the parking lot towards the Walmart doors. No one was coming out or going in so the doors were shut and I kept plowing towards the doors never slowing down. I was probably a few feet from the doors and the doors slid open and I kept my same pace going into the store. After I grabbed my cart I began to think about what had just happened with the front doors.

I approached the sliding doors knowing they would open. The evidence that I knew they would open is because I never slowed down as I approached them. My little encounter at the front doors of Walmart was a great example of faith.

The evidence of faith is simply plowing forward knowing that any obstacles in our path will open for us or that we can use them as a stepping stone to the next opened door.

I want to challenge each of us this week when we begin to doubt or have fears. We remember the sliding doors at Walmart that I am sure we all have experienced and plowed towards with complete faith they will open. When those doubts and fears creep in, leave them in the parking lot and plow towards those doors that are closed knowing they will be opened for you or that you can use them as a stepping stone.

You really can find anything at Walmart if you are looking.

Your Friend,