I shared with a friend the other day what my word for the new year.  As I shared my word with him I also told him he might not recognize me much this year.  He kind of looked at me with a puzzled look.  I told him I am probably going to end with a few bumps and scrapes this year because I am going to be trying a lot of new things.  When we try new things like riding a bike, skateboarding, skiing and so many other things we fall and end up a little scraped up and bruised. 

We are only three weeks into the new year and I have been trying new things and already am a little scraped up figuratively.  I view my scrapes, bumps, and bruises as signs of failing forward.  

Failing forward is trying something new and failing at it but, getting back up to try it again in a different way until the way that works is found.  

My challenge to each of us is that we walk around a little scraped and bruised figuratively.  We have to look in our everyday life for those moments that we can have the opportunity to end up scraped and bruised.  When we walk around like that it means we are constantly trying new ideas or experiences.  Some will work from the start and others will take a little time and will take some failing forward. 

My challenge for myself this year is to fail forward and fail forward fast.  The more we fail forward we have the more success we will see and the faster we can fail forward the faster we can have success.  

Fail Forward.

Your Friend,