Good Morning Friends!!

“Failing…this word is not a negative thing. Sometimes we think that failing means the worst, but what if it means we’ve tried? What if in trying we aren’t failing, but are learning, growing and changing our lives? That’s living.” — Rachel Marie Martin

I am sure we can all admit at one time or another that we have “failed” according to our definition of failure.

What did you do after you “failed”?

Did you quit?

Did you get back up?

Did you try a different way?

Did you rethink?

Failure is only a negative thing when we quit and never try again. In my thoughts that is the only time we truly fail. Sometimes we don’t hit the goal we were aiming for. Does that mean we failed or experienced some temporary defeat?

If we get back up, try a different way, or rethink a situation we only experienced temporary defeat because when we get back up that may be the time that things change.

When we try that one more way is when things will change.

When we rethink and have a different perspective it is the time that we will be led in a different direction.

Failure is a choice. We chose to give up and quit.

My challenge to each of us is to choose temporary defeat where we can take the opportunity to learn, grow, and change lives, our life.

Your Friend,