Good Morning Friends!!

Saturday morning I was heading to the gym for my normal Saturday morning routine workout. I only live about five minutes from the gym. About halfway there is an uphill by a cattle sale barn. As I approached the hill I saw a big semi pulled over to the side of the road and noticed the driver side door open. I slowed down thinking someone might be outside of the truck or about to get out. I slowed down and got over a little into the other lane just in case the driver was getting out or was out. As I passed the truck I noticed the driver standing in the doorway of his semi taking a picture of the beautiful rising sun over the hill.

After I passed by the truck I began to think about the truck driver stopping his big semi on the hill. A big semi takes some time to get going up a big hill and generally a driver might use the straight away or down hill before a hill to gain momentum to get up the hill.

Not the driver of this semi. He stopped his big semi truck on the uphill climb to enjoy the beauty of the morning and to take a picture knowing it was going to take work to get the big truck moving again.

How many of us take the time on the uphill climb to enjoy the beauty that is around us?

If you are like me, many times I say once I get the hill climbed then I’ll stop and look around.

I challenge each of us to take the example set forth by the truck driver last Saturday morning. Even when we are climbing a hill and know that getting started again will be a challenge to stop and enjoy the beauty that is right in front of us. I challenge each of us to look up as we climb our hills and to stop looking down at the big challenging hill.

We miss so much beauty in the climb to the top of our hills because we fail to pause and enjoy the moment.

Enjoy your moment.

Your Friend,