Good Morning Friends!!

On the wall at the gym and the wall of my office I have the same sign. The sign reads “embrace the journey”. I added the sign to the wall at the gym because when I see those words I wanted to be reminded of the journey each of my clients, members, and my business is on. The number of clients, members, and revenue will all go up and down and have an ebb and flow.

I wanted to be reminded of the journey…

The conversations I have with others in the gym.

The success and temporary defeats I witness.

The reinforcement of seeing membership numbers rise or fall.

I have the sign in my office at home above a big map of the United States with routes drawn all over the map. Routes that Kim and I plan to take one day as a result of me sitting at my desk working and embracing the journey.

From my desk I wanted to be reminded of the journey…

When I want to quit.

When I am too tired.

When words are not coming to me easily.

When everything falls into place and I can see I am making progress in my business.

“Embrace the journey” are just words that gently remind me to have an end destination but to never forget to cherish all the moments along the road because those moments make up how we arrive at our destination.

I challenge each one of us to take time to embrace the journey. All of our journeys look different and are unique to each of us. The road to our destination will have times of bumps and times of smoothness. Take moments to understand those bumps are there to help appreciate our smooth road even more and the mixture of those two makes our journey uniquely ours.

Embrace your journey my friends and arrive at your destination like only you can.

Your Friend,