Good Morning Friends!!

We all have dreams. We dream of one day…

If I asked you right now how much would you sell me your dream for, you would probably say it is not for sale. I may not be able to buy your dream from you at the moment but chances are you will sell it and never realize you sold the dream you had been holding on to.

We sell our dreams and never understand how it happened.

Dreams of changing the world get downgraded to commitments to pay the bills.

Dream sold.

We dream of making a difference. We sell it for a salary.

Dream sold.

We dream by looking forward. We sell it because we can’t stop looking in the past.

Dream sold.

We dream of success. We sell it for lack of prioritizing our time.

Dream sold.

Yes, we sell our dreams every day. We don’t intend to sell them but do so by the decisions we make along our journey.

I challenge each of us to stop selling our dreams for pennies on the dollar. We need to keep our “Not for Sale” sign up for our dreams by living each day with intention about the life we want to create. At each turn we can see a “for sale” sign and we must knock it down with our intentional living.

Are you selling out?

Your Friend,