I wanted to share a little experience I had this past weekend.  I will share the location with you but you have to keep it just between us, I have a reputation to keep.  

I stopped by the local donut store for a Saturday morning sugar high.  Kim had put in her order for what she wanted and as I was waiting in line I saw they just had only one donut of what she wanted.  I promptly went to the counter and placed my order.  A couple little kids were behind me and they came in front of me to look through the glass and try to pick out their donut. I was talking to them and didn’t notice which donuts were being put in my box. I got to my truck and headed to pick up groceries when I thought I better look in the box to make sure I got the right one. I looked and it was not the correct one. 

I turned around and went back and to my disappointment the donut she had wanted was gone. I asked the lady behind the counter if they had any more. She said sorry, the lady in front of you just bought it.  The lady then turned to me and said “oh you can have it I’ll take any other cinnamon donut”. I said thank you so much, then the lady behind the counter told me she would ring me up after the lady unless I had $1.95 cash.  I said I did not, I was paying with a card. The lady that just let me have her donut said to just add the $1.95 to hers and she would pay for it.  I politely declined several times and she insisted she would pay.  I finally said thank you and could not say thank you enough to show my appreciation.

The reason I finally said thank you and accepted was because she was trying to bless me and have joy by not only letting me have her donut but by also buying it for me.  By me saying yes I was able to be blessed by her actions and allow her to experience the joy of giving that to me.  

My challenge to each of us is to allow others to bless us when they feel the need.  I understand it is hard to allow that to happen as it was hard for me to accept the donut.  When we allow someone else to serve us we are also serving them by allowing them to have the joy.  

Be a joyful giver of blessings but remember to also be a joyful receiver of blessings.  

Your Friend,