I saw a good meme last week and it read as follows, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

Have you ever driven around on a flat tire?

It makes a lot of noise and the car is super hard to control and doesn’t necessarily go in the direction you want.

Have you ever noticed how things go when we go around with a bad attitude? We tend to make a lot of noise, we are out of control, and we don’t go in the direction we need.

Just like changing a car tire, our attitude takes a little time to get changed sometimes. We have to find all the right tools to get it changed and on the road again.

With the right tools and time we can make the change and be heading in the direction we originally intended to be going.

I challenge each of us this week to stop trying to make our life’s go in the right direction with a bad attitude. Make life a little easier and smoother with a fresh new attitude that moves us forward.

Your Friend,