Good Morning Friends!!

While my family and I were on vacation over the holiday Kim took a picture from her beach chair while she was reading. She caught a glimpse of a few words on the page and in the background was the ocean, a palm tree, and an empty beach year. The words on the page read, “define success for your life”.

I think we are all guilty from time to time of comparing our success or failures with those around us. Sometimes we even view ourselves as success because of someone else’s failures. Someone else’s failures may only be viewed as failures because of our definition of success.

If I were to ask each one of you what your definition of success is; I am sure I would get as many different answers, as there are of those reading my email right now.

We each come from different backgrounds.

We each have different ideas and beliefs.

We each want something different out of life.

We each have a different perspective.

We each have a different definition of success because of the statements listed plus many, many more.

I challenge each one of us to be in the pursuit of our own definition of success based on our own lives and not of those around us or who we may see in social media. Success for your life is in your hands to create the life you desire.

What will success for your life look like?

Your Friend,