Over the weekend, I was driving my wife, Kim’s, car and had it set on cruise control while we were on the highway.  We were approaching another vehicle in the same lane then we just kept the same distance from the car.  I assumed the car had sped up and we were going the same speed.  I looked down at my speedometer and noticed we were actually going ten miles an hour slower than I had my cruise set.  I then remembered her car has a sensor that as we approach another vehicle the cruise adjusts so we don’t run into another car. 

The decrease in speed was so subtle that I didn’t even notice we were going slower because the car in front of us didn’t seem to be going faster either.  We were just blending in with the traffic at the decreased speed.   

I began to wonder after I passed the car and regained my speed, how often in life are we going at a good speed for us then without even noticing we slow down to blend in with the crowd.  

Often, similar to the subtle slow down of our car we subtly slow down to keep pace with others and we don’t even notice the slow down.  If we are moving at a good speed and pace for our life we must continually check in to make sure we are keeping the pace and not blending in with others unintentionally.  

My challenge to each of us is to be intentionally about the cruise control of our lives.  Adjust the cruise to our own lives and occasionally we may need a brief slow down until we can get passed then we pick our speed back up to our original cruising speed.  

Set your cruise control not to blend in but to help you get you where you are going.  

Your Friend,