Yesterday I finished a 3 for 31 challenge. The challenge was 3 consecutive miles each day for 31 days. I offered the challenge to anybody and everybody that would listen and encouraged them to join me for the whole month of July for this challenge. I was able to get 30 wonderful people to join me and we held each other accountable for thirty one days.

Over those thirty one days there were days I didn’t want to do my three miles, there were days I was tired, there were days I didn’t feel good, and then there were days that I felt like I could do more.

What I experienced over those thirty days many, if not all, of those that joined me shared the same type of feelings and thoughts. All of those thoughts and feelings were obstacles that had to be overcome on a daily basis. Some of the obstacles that were faced could have stopped some of us.

Why did I and others that joined me finish thirty one days of three consecutive miles daily?

We each made a commitment to ourselves that we would do three consecutive miles each day and upheld our commitment to ourselves. Whatever obstacle came our way was just merely that, an obstacle.

The last thirty one days was a great example to all of us that when we commit to ourselves we are going to do something that we can overcome any and all obstacles.

I want to challenge each of us to uphold our commitments to ourselves and to stop letting ourselves down with all the reasons why we can’t do something. Start building ourselves up with all the reasons why we can accomplish our goals and the strength we do have even on those days we feel we are weak.

Stop letting yourself down.

Start being a person that is committed to the most important person, you.

Your Friend,