Good Morning Friends!!

Who has been driving in a vehicle and come to the top of a hill and let the vehicle coast down the hill to see how far it would go before you would have to start pushing the gas pedal?

Please don’t tell me I am the only one that has tried coasting down the hill.

If I am the only goof ball that has tried that, let me tell you what happens. At first coming down the hill the vehicle starts to pick up speed. As the vehicle gets to the bottom of the hill and the road levels out the vehicle begins to slow down and if there is another hill to go up, the vehicle will slow down quickly.

I realized last week I had some areas in my life that I had come to the top of the hill and decided to coast down. I was rocking it and picking up speed, thinking I was making progress. Then the straight away came and a few uphills. No foot on the gas and the momentum stopped because I hadn’t realized I was going to need to keep my foot on the pedal to keep moving forward.

I decided last week to wake up each morning and be intentional about my day. My intentionality means putting a little pressure on the gas to keep moving forward and quit relying on the coast.

Are you coasting or are you gently pressing the gas pedal to keep moving forward?

I challenge you this week to take a look at your roadmap in life and check out the hills you may be coasting down. Use the hill to your advantage but also keep the gas pedal pressed so when you reach flat ground or another uphill you can keep the momentum going.

Seatbelt on.

Gas pedal pressed.

Get ready for the ride.

Your Friend,