Good Morning FitFam!!

This guy in the picture of course is me at on the Bucket Carry a couple of weeks ago at the Spartan Race. Since 2008 I have ran over 15 ½ marathons, numerous triathlons, countless obstacle races, and several cycling events. I didn’t run my first mile until I was 32 which was in 2007.

My earliest memory of having a weight problem was in the 4th grade was when I first started attending public school after being homeschooled. At age 12 I attended my first every Weight Watchers meeting. Since age 12, my weight has yo yoed and it wasn’t until 2007 that I went to Weight Watchers again and lost 100lbs that I have been able to keep my weight under control. Since the 4th grade until this very day I still struggle with my weight and keeping it in check. For me, it is a daily battle to win the war against myself.

With every ½ marathon, triathlon, obstacle race, and cycling event no matter how fit I was the 4th grade chubby kid was always running with me. I see that chubby kid in the picture above. You may see different but I see a chubby kid that is still battling to become fitter. I see a chubby kid that has to prove he can do anything. I see a chubby kid that wants to quit with every single step. I see a chubby kid that was always picked last. I see a chubby kid that has no athleticism. I see a chubby kid that cannot run even 100 meters.

No matter what my fitness level or outward appearance my chubby little friend will always be with me. He will taunt me for many years to come. He will drive me to prove I am strong. He will push me beyond my limits. He will be relentless in his pursuit to make me become him again.

I will be strong. I will go beyond my limits. I will always see him but I will never become him again.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? We all see things in the mirror that no one else sees. Those things we see in the mirror are sometimes the things we battle on a daily basis that no one else will ever be able to outwardly see. Your drive may not be the little chubby kid like mine is but we all have that little thing in us that sometimes tells us untruths.

You must tell yourself on a daily basis the same things I tell myself. You are strong! You are worthy! You are powerful! Your success is limitless! You are unique! You are perfectly you!

I challenge you this week as well as myself, to look in the mirror and see all of your strengths. Build on your strengths this week because Friday will be here before we know it.