I sent a text to my texting community the last week of June and asked who wanted to join my challenge in July called Challenge for Change.  Challenge for Change would have to be done every day for 31 days in July. The unique thing about Challenge for Change was that each person picked their own challenge.  Something that they would like to make a habit and start working on intentionally each day for the month of July.  

Those that are taking the challenge chose things like more sleep, drawing more, being kind, food portion control, waking up on time, or exercising daily.   

My Challenge for Change for the month is to read 20 minutes per day. The last two years I have tried to read a book a month and have not made it more than two or three months.  I have had to make those 20 minutes each day very intentional otherwise the day could easily get away from me and I would not have gotten my reading done.  I am excited that this week, I will be finishing my book and starting another one.  The first time I have achieved this all year long.  

The name Challenge for Change fits this challenge very well.  I am being challenged every day to get my reading done and each day I conquer the challenge I can feel myself changing to become more disciplined to read.

I challenge each of you this week to pick something you have been wanting to change and have become a habit to apply the Challenge for Change to.  Pick it up today and say I am going to do it for 31 days.  The only rule is the habit you pick has to be measurable and be done every day for 31 days. 

Are you ready for a Challenge for Change?  

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Your Friend,