Over the weekend my almost-two-year-old grandson, Cal, stayed with us while his parents went out of town.  He is energetic and has started talking and sharing his thoughts verbally. Every time he does something he will yell “Yay” and clap his hands.  

He was helping me make breakfast Sunday morning and if we opened a jar he would yell “Yay”.  Get a glass out of the cabinet, he would yell “Yay” and clap.  We go ice out of the fridge and he yelled “Yay” and clapped.  

You get the point, all the things we did Sunday morning in preparing breakfast he would yell “Yay” and clap.  Every small thing we did he was excited about. 

His excitement in all the small details made me think about each of our daily lives. 

Are we getting excited about the small seemingly insignificant details in life?  If you are like me, probably not at all.    

Cal was so excited over all the work we were doing for breakfast on Sunday morning and his excitement and joy over every detail challenged me to reflect.  I began to ask myself, “Am I showing excitement and joy over the smallest details?”.  My answer was no I am not.

I have a feeling I am not alone in feeling less than excited about the small details of life.

My challenge to each of us is to be a little more like Cal and start enjoying the little things in life, yelling “Yay” with a clap of celebration.  The little things like stepping outside on a bright sunny day, the sound of birds chirping, the hug of a loved one, the one more text, the opportunity to smile, and all the other small seemingly insignificant daily events. 

If we take the time we can learn from a two-year-old something we have forgotten because the years have slowly taken the excitement away from the small details.  

Your Friend,