Good Morning Friends!!

While I was mowing over the weekend I noticed buzzards overhead. This is a pretty common occurrence while I am mowing since I live out in the country. Even though buzzards flying overhead are a pretty common thing, I still can’t help but think they are just waiting for me to have a heat stroke so they can swoop down and start plucking at me. I honestly always think when I see them while I am mowing, do they know something I don’t?

I began thinking about those ole buzzards and how they relate to the buzzards we all have in our lives. You may be thinking to yourself I live in the city, I don’t have any buzzards in my life.

We all have those people in our lives that are circling us just waiting to swoop in. They are waiting for us to do wrong, mess something up, say the wrong words, act the wrong way, forget something, and so many other things we may not do according to what they think we should. Those buzzards in our lives are waiting to swoop down to tell us I told you so, see I knew you couldn’t do it, what were you thinking, do you believe me now, and many other un-encouraging words.

Like me with buzzards flying overhead thinking maybe they know something I don’t, we each think that about the people buzzards in our lives. When we allow those buzzards to get into our heads simply because they are circling us we begin to doubt and question ourselves.

Those buzzards don’t know us. They are simply waiting for a stumble and a fall. My buzzards flying overhead don’t know I love the heat and enjoy sweating and walking my mower a million times across the yard. Your buzzards don’t know your passions, your purpose, your strengths, your weaknesses, they are just waiting for a stumble and a fall.

My challenge to each of us is to not let those buzzards intimidate us because they don’t know anything but to pray on something that is already dead. We are alive full of energy, passion, and purpose.

Guess what…after a while my buzzards overhead left and went somewhere else because they knew I wasn’t going down that day. Your buzzards will tire and move on to other prey.

Your Friend,