Good Morning Friends!

My face is getting redder. I am now having a hard time breathing. My fingers are not operating the way I want them to. I don’t know how much longer I can stand it. My stomach hurts. I can’t last much longer but I am almost done. One more loop and I can stand up from tying my shoe.

I may be exaggerating just a little but not by much because this was my condition three months ago. I began noticing whether I was standing up or sitting down to tie my shoes it was getting a little tougher each time. My belly was getting in the way and that was no good.

Three months ago I decided to go on a 30 Day Fitness Obsession. An obsession is something that is focused on constantly and nothing gets in the way. My 30 day obsession consisted of a strict meal plan with no cheats, intense cardio most days of the week, and a 30 min walk every night. There were some tough days that took a lot of work to get my food and exercise in for the day, but for 30 days my fitness obsession took priority. My family and I didn’t go out to eat as we normally did. I spent family time at night on the treadmill. On the weekends I would head to the gym instead of getting things done around the house.

My 30 Day Fitness Obsession resulted in a loss of 10 lbs and 1.5% body fat. Even more so then the weight loss and body fat was that I was now able to tie my shoes without my face turning red and the inability to breath while tying them.

Exercise and diet is not always about fitting in to the summer swimsuit, having six pack abs, looking lean, having bulging biceps, or even being able to wear a size smaller in clothes. Sometimes, exercise and diet is about being able to do your daily activities with easier effort.

If doing yard work is getting tougher and you need to rest more it may be time. If cleaning house is getting tougher than it may be time. If tying your shoes is an exercise for you then it may be time. If getting your belt on all the way around is beginning to get challenging then it may be time. If any daily activities are getting increasingly harder it may be time for a change in your exercise and diet.

I challenge you this week to look at your activities and decide if it is time for your own 30 Day Fitness Obsession. Take these next 30 days to focus on diet and exercise to improve your ability to accomplish everyday tasks. You owe it to yourself and your family for the next 30 days to take time for you.

The next 30 days could change your life forever.

Are you in need of a life changing 30 days?

Your Friend,