Good Morning Friends!!

I am super excited as I write to you this morning. In just a few days my wife and I will be headed to Europe for a 10 day vacation. We will be traveling to several different cities and countries by plane, train, and automobile. My wife and I have challenged each other to see if we are able to take this 10 day trip with just a carry on a piece.

Now keep in mind my wife and I have attempted this in the past on our many trips to Cancun, Mexico. Really for a trip like that you only need some swimsuits, t-shirts, cover ups, and well that is about it. And still, we have yet to accomplish the task of only packing a carry on while traveling to Mexico. In reality, it is probably my fault we have to check luggage. I need several pairs of shoes, I need watches and my Qalo rings that must match my watch and shoes. I also need workout clothes for each day, and I need options in clothing in case I am feeling fluffy. The list goes on and on and before I know it I have a full suitcase that weighs 50lbs (I wish I was joking).

I return home to unpack my suitcase and as you can imagine I find out I way over packed for the trip. Turns out I wore the same watch and ring. I only needed flip flops. I stayed in swim trunks and a t shirt the whole time. I easily could have fit all of what I needed in a carry on suitcase.

How many times are we guilty in life of carrying around to much baggage?

We want to hang on to things because someday we may need to pull that piece out of our baggage. What happens if year after year we keep adding to our life baggage without getting rid of anything? After years of adding, our baggage can get heavy and sometimes too heavy to carry around.

Every little bit of life baggage that we get, we need to start looking at it objectively and think is this baggage going to help me or just drag me down. If it you aren’t going to wear it on life’s journey down the road, toss it to the side because you don’t need it on your trip.

The more my wife and I travel and get better at just packing a carry on for our trips so is true with life baggage. The more we are able to discard life baggage as we pack in new baggage the lighter our trip down the road can be.

My challenge to myself and you this week is to take a step back from our lives for a moment and take inventory of our baggage. What are we getting rid of and keeping this week?