I share often about mowing on the weekends and what I learn from doing it.  

Again this week, I share a thought from mowing on the Hustler zero turn.  

With all the rain we have had in our area lately, it has been hard to keep up with the mowing and keep the grass short. Many areas around my house must go unmowed because the ground is so soft, and I would get stuck in the mud.  

This week, because it was a nice sunny week with little rain, I was able to get to some areas where the grass was high. However, I can’t mow it as short as I would like when I mow it the first time. I have to move the deck of the Hustler up some so that the mower will not get bogged down in the grass.  

I remowed some spots from last week and was able to lower the mower deck to get the grass shorter, finally getting some of those areas back under control.  

It has taken me several weeks to get some areas where I like to maintain them, and it will take me several more weeks to get all the grass where I like to keep it.  

My thought on top of the Hustler zero turn was this: isn’t the grass just like life?  If we try to mow all the tall grass down to the mower will get bogged down and stop.  If we mow the tall grass down gradually, we will have greater success because the mower doesn’t get bogged down, and we can keep going.  

My challenge to each of us is not to try to solve our problems all at once because sometimes they can become too overwhelming, and we get bogged down and think the effort is useless. If we chip away at the problem a little at a time before we know it, the problem is gone, and we have things under control.  

Don’t get bogged down in life.  Do a little at a time and keep moving forward.  

Your Friend,