Good Morning Friends!!

Sometimes I stare at the blank page before I write the words you read each week.  I stare at the blank page thinking there is nothing created on this page and I am the one that gets to create and author the story that will be told.  Where there was once nothing I string letters together to create words to create sentences to create paragraphs to create a story.

As I was thinking about the blank page I began to think about how similar the blank page is to each of our days.  We start each day with the opportunity to create a story of our lives to be told.  We create that story by the thoughts we have and the actions we take.  

Think of each day as a blank page.

What thoughts will you have today?

What actions will you take today?

What story will you tell with your life?  

My challenge to each of us is to understand there will be a story told by the lives we live.  As you wake up this morning and read the words I have put on the page, begin to think of the story that you want to author on this blank day that will be yours to share your story.  

Your Friend,