Good Morning Friends!!

I have the secret on how to be a millionaire in just 28 days!! Take one penny and start day one. Double that on day two so you now have two pennies. Each day double the day before and before you know it in one week you will have 64 cents. By the end of the second week you will have grown your money to $81.92. By the end of the third week you will have grown your money to $10,485.76.

Are you ready for the magic?

By the end of the 4th week, 28 days, you will have 1.3 million dollars.

Take your calculations out just three more days to 31 days and you will have grown your money to 10.7 million dollars.

We started with one penny and in 31 days grew our money to an astonishing amount of 10.7 millions dollars.

I share the above to demonstrate that you can start with what might seem the most insignificant thing and grow it to something that will make us look at the end result in amazement.

I also wanted to demonstrate that when we start super small and put in hard work that sometimes in the first part we don’t see the big returns. We may want to quit. We only had 64 cents at the end of a week. We might have said well that isn’t even enough to buy a coke.

Even by the end of week two our dollar amount was still not too impressive. We could have bought a tank of gas probably to get us back and forth to put in all the hard work. By the end of week two we still might have wondered if all the hard work was worth the time.

By the end of week three we are really seeing some big money now. We could go on vacation, we could pay off debt, start college, and the list goes on and on. Now we are getting motivated to keep working hard.

The magic happened at the end of week 4 and really exploded three days later. We are now millionaires and the list of significant change we could make is almost endless.

I challenge each of us not to quit when we are only seeing a small difference because when we continually put in the work and keep showing up we begin to have a compounding effect that will start to make a significant difference when at first all we could see was one insignificant penny.

Lay your seemingly insignificant penny down to begin getting a significant life in return.

Your Friend,