Good Morning Friends!!

Last weekend my wife, Kim, and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We decided to head out west to Big Bend for our anniversary trip.

I have been to Big Bend as a kid but this was the first time for Kim to visit the National Park, and of course, for me everything looks different as it had been 30 years.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Big Bend with clear skies and a high around 95 degrees. As we drove through Big Bend I mentioned to Kim my amazement of how far we could see. Seemed like the mountains were just within reach but we knew they were many and many miles away. I told her we can see as far as our eye can see.

After I mentioned that to her I began thinking about how each one of us can only see as far as we can see. There were more mountains to be seen beyond what we could see but our vision would only allow us to see so far, however, we knew there were more beyond.

We have a vision of the future we may want, or a vision of the future we believe we will experience, but we can only see so far into our future because our eyes will only let us see so far. When our eyes limit us we must rely on our vision. Our vision is what we see in our minds’ eye and that vision has no limit. Our minds’ eye vision can take us far beyond where our physical eyesight can see.

My challenge to each one of us is to understand that we can only see as far as our eyes will allow us to see. Focus on your minds’ eye and allow your vision to be limitless with no end in sight. Our vision can go far beyond any physical limitations. Our vision can take us beyond those mountains we see with our eyes. Our vision can take us from where we are to where we want to be.

What does your vision look like?

Your Friend,