I am reflecting on my last week and wondering what lesson I might be able to glean to share with you this morning

What did I come up with?

Very little.    

Therein lies the lesson I am going to share with you.  There are weeks in our lives that are just weeks. Very little differs.  Our interactions are the same.  Our actions are the same.  Our routine is the same.  Our daily events are the same.  Even the weather is the same.

These weeks are not a bad thing. Sometimes, they are welcomed as being just the same, and nothing really rocks the boat.  

My caution would be this: If this happens every week, then it might be time to switch things up a bit. I share with my personal training clients that something should change in almost every workout. It might be reps, weight, order of exercises, rest time, or other variables. I share this with them because that is how growth happens. We adapt quickly, and once we adapt, change no longer occurs.  

My challenge to each of us is to welcome those weeks when nothing changes but be cautious from time to time that these weeks don’t become our way of life.  

We should continually have different interactions with others.

We should take different actions.

We should change our routine.  

We should change up our daily routine.

Within each of these lies growth to become a better version of ourselves.

Your Friend,