Good Morning Friends!!

All last week Kim and I were in Austin, Texas for our Scentsy convention that Scentsy calls, Scentsy Family Reunion. SFR 2019 was our second reunion and we did feel like it was a family reunion. We met up with so many people we have met and grown to love over the last couple of years.

Our days were full from morning till late in the evening, however, I still got up early each morning to get my workouts in. I woke up early Friday morning for my workout feeling a sense of anxiety and stress. Over the last month I have been working on my prayer life and spiritual life. During my workout I listened to one of my favorite preachers on a podcast which just happened to be on worrying which lead me to pray. I kept telling myself during my workout to keep my faith that all my worries and anxieties will work themselves out.

After my workout we had a Scentsy fitness activity scheduled with “The Fitness Marshall”. Apparently, “The Fitness Marshall” is huge on YouTube and is a dance trio that leads groups to dance for exercise. We were going to exercise with “The Fitness Marshall” in a huge ballroom with probably almost 600 plus people. Kim and I got there about 15 minutes early and met up with our group and were waiting for the event to start. Of course, it was kind of dark and had dance lights going and music playing before we started.

I was standing a few feet from Kim and our group of several ladies when a lady walked up and handed me a little glass marble and rubbed my shoulder in the most caring way and walked away. I looked up and Kim and the other ladies were just looking at me like, what in the world was that? I looked at Kim and said I have no idea what just happened. I flipped the marble over and it had writing on it that said “faith”. The ladies and I continued to discuss how strange the encounter had been.

I put the marble in my pocket and then I began to think about my morning and the stress and worry I had been experiencing and the recurring thought I had had this morning that I just needed to have faith.

I had not told Kim how I had been feeling all morning until a few minutes after I received the marble from the mystery lady. Kim began to tear up and told me she saw the women come from across the room making a beeline towards me. Kim had thought maybe she knew me and was making a beeline to talk to me. None of us knew this woman that beelined across the room to give me a caring pat on the shoulder and hand me a marble that said “faith”.

Being honest, I have never felt a more caring touch from a stranger. I don’t believe the mysterious woman was a stranger at all. I believe the Lord laid it on this woman’s heart that she needed to walk up to me, hand me a reminder of faith, and give me the loving touch of God.

Often times I share with you about motivation, inspiration, exercise, and diet but being fit is also about our spiritual life. Mind, body, and soul take constant exercise that we do for each one of those. Even when we work on those areas of our lives sometimes we need reassurance that what we are doing is the right thing. Those reassurances can come from the most unlikely places out of nowhere with a soft caring touch that is a simple act that says carry on “my good and faithful servant”.

My challenge to you and continues to be to myself this week is to exercise your mind, your body, and most of all your faith. With all exercise we will have great workouts, and ones that are not so great, but the important thing is that we continue to make it a daily habit. Faith, as I have learned and continue to learn everyday, requires a daily habit of trust.

Will you exercise your faith this week?

Your Friend,