Over the last couple of years in preparing and producing The Mind Body Project podcast and My Hometown podcast I have heard many stories of how business began, how lives have changed, how failures have produced success, of struggle, of triumph, and so much more.  

I am constantly reminded that everyone has a story behind what we see.  Both of these podcasts have helped me have the opportunity to sit down with people and hear their stories that many may not know. 

Through the podcast I have come to understand that we each have a story that we can share and oftentimes benefit others.  We don’t need a podcast to have the opportunity to sit down with others so that they may share their story.  What each of us need is a listening ear and a quiet mouth so that we may truly invest and listen to another’s story that they have to tell.  

My challenge to each of us this week is to take a little time to truly invest in another person by taking time to sit and listen to the story that is being told.  Make another person feel valued and heard by opening our ears to take in their wonderful story.  

Who will you help feel valued this week by listening?

Your Friend,