Over the past week I have been working with a graphic designer to help me create my new logo for my new website. I had an idea of what I wanted the logo to look like so I asked my wife, Kim, to help me by sketching out what I had in mind. I took a picture of her drawing and sent it to the graphic designer. He sent me back the design but there were things about the design that were not the same as the sketch I had sent him. We emailed back and forth and after a week and half we have almost arrived at how I wanted the logo to look.

My interaction with the graphic designer reminded me that what one person sees is not necessarily what another person sees. Yes, I sent a drawing but even looking at the drawing his interpretation was different from mine. There was a lot of communication between the two of us to get to the point of both of us understanding what the other was trying to create.

My challenge to each of us is to remember that even if we all see the same thing, we all interpret it differently. We must constantly communicate with those around us for us to be understood and for others to be understood.

Communication can change your world.

Your Friend,