Good Morning Friends!!

Over the weekend I ran a half marathon which is 13.1 miles. I’ve not ran a road half marathon in nine years and had not really planned on doing another one.

The idea all came about over dinner one night with Kim. I had an idea for a new training plan for a half marathon and I was telling Kim about the plan. I said I just need to find someone willing to give it a try. Her response was, why didn’t I try the plan instead of finding someone. My response was, well because I really don’t want to.

Like most of Kim’s suggestions it takes me a little time to come around. I decided she was right and started the plan eight weeks ago. Sunday’s 13.1 miles ended my eight weeks of training which included a total of forty training runs, almost 50 strength training workouts, and a few active recovery days. The plan helped me complete the Cowtown Half Marathon yesterday.

Are there things I can improve on for next time? Yes

Did the plan work for me to complete the race? Yes

Did the race challenge me mentally and physically? Yes

My goal of finishing the half marathon required a plan. The plan was good but the plan was useless unless I put it into action. The action was all of those runs, workouts, recovery days, and rest days. Those actions required discipline on a daily basis.

If we have a goal we must formulate a plan and even more important we have to put our plan into action. The daily actions we take will dictate whether or not we will reach our goal with success.

I challenge each of us to put our plans into action. Sometimes that action means the action is all on us. We can’t look around and expect someone else to take action on our plan.

Our Plan.

Our Action.

Our Success.

Your Friend,