Last week Kim and I headed out of Texas on a road trip to some cooler weather in the mountains.  

Right before we left for our trip I had my truck cleaned and detailed.  As we were driving about five hours into our trip I noticed all the bug splatters.  I thought to myself I had not noticed them as they happened but seemed like all of a sudden I noticed the whole windshield was a mess.  

Oftentimes when I notice things I ask myself how that relates to life.  Noticing the bug splats on our trip was no different.  I began to think about how little things happen in life and we never really notice them until they start making a mess.  When the mess happens we think it all just happened at once.  

The mess didn’t happen all at once.  Just like I was doing 75 mph down the highway and never noticed one bug, then two bugs, and many bugs to follow.  I only noticed when I had trouble seeing out the windshield and needed to use the wiper fluid to clean off the windshield.  

Just like me flying down the highway, often we are racing through life and the bug splatters go unnoticed.   

My challenge to each of us this week is to notice the bug splatters as they come in life.  Take a moment and clean off the one before the next one comes because if we don’t they will begin to obstruct our view and cause problems.  

Your Friend,