Good Morning Friends!!

My weekly email I sent out a year ago was entitled “Year 2020, Perfect Vision” and this title still holds true as we enter 2021.

A year ago, I wrote about how the year 2020 represents perfect vision and how we each should create our perfect vision for the new year. As we all are well aware, the year 2020 took a huge left turn no one saw coming. Some made the left turn with minor and major course corrections. Some didn’t make the turn and kept going straight which was a bumpy ride along with some major off course situations.

Some of us were able to keep their 2020 perfect vision while making adjustments along the way to be able to ride the tide of change. Some of us now only have perfect vision in hindsight as we look back on 2020 to see what we could have done differently or handled better.

Regardless of if we went into 2020 with perfect vision or are now looking back at 2020 with perfect vision we are able to use our 2020 perfect vision to create year 2021 to be what we want it to be. No matter the year we will always have challenges and we must learn from year to year to rise up and meet those challenges. Some years will be bigger challenges than others but each challenge we overcome makes us stronger for the next.

We do not have control over the future and do not know what 2021 holds for each of us. What we do have control over is our reaction to 2021 and how we will respond to every challenge that we face in this new year. Use your perfect vision of 2020 to build on what you were successful with and change what you were not successful with.

Our perfect vision of 2020 will help us create our 2021.

Your Friend,