Good Morning Friends!!

Last week my son, Kaleb, called me to tell me about a job interview he had earlier in the week. He told me when he was interviewed he was asked why he was applying for the job since he didn’t really have any experience with the position he was applying for.

Kaleb told the interviewer, my dad says if I do 1% better each day in 100 days I will be 100% better. Kaleb said he told the interviewer that he didn’t have experience with the job he was applying for but he would do 1% better and he promised by the end of 100 days he would certainly be 100% better.

A few days later the company called Kaleb and offered him the job.

You see, sometimes we need to take Kaleb’s approach. We may not have the experience or even knowledge but if we make a commitment to become 1% better each day we can make big strides in a week, a month, a year.

1% better might mean an extra word of encouragement.

1% better might mean one more task completed.

1% better might mean five more minutes talking with a friend.

1% better might be saying a kind word to yourself.

1% doesn’t take much effort sometimes but it does take being intentional about becoming better in whatever aspect we wish to improve.

I challenge each of us this week to be intentional about improving 1% daily. A little daily effort can be life changing because of the compounding effect.

1% Better.

Your Friend,