What if unlocking your full potential was just a matter of mindset? Join us as we explore the powerful connection between our mindset and our physical body, and how you can create a limitless life with our special guest, Aaron Degler.  Aaron shares his inspiring journey and his mission to raise awareness for small businesses and positive people in his community. Discover the inception of the Mind Body Project podcast and the transformative realization that in order to make an impact globally, we must first create an impact locally.

Get ready to be inspired as we chat with Aaron Degler about his podcasting journey, including the two podcasts he currently produces. Learn about the transition from a weekly to bi-weekly podcast and the difference between audio and video podcasting. You'll also hear about Aaron's hometown podcast, filmed and available on YouTube.  Aaron shares his love for his hometown and his experience. 

Don't miss this episode packed with valuable insights and inspiring stories!