Starting a business is no easy feat, but when you're passionate about helping others and have the support of your community, it's possible to thrive even in the face of challenges. Join us as we chat with physical therapists Morgan Nedley and Taylor Davis, the powerhouse duo behind the successful startup Rise Therapy in Bowie, Texas. Learn about their unique journey to opening their own business, and how their dedication to their patients and community has fueled their growth.

From the highs of hiring their first employee to the struggles of balancing work and family life, Morgan and Taylor open up about the realities of running a small business. Their honesty and resilience are truly inspiring for anyone considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Throughout our conversation, we explore the importance of organization, honest communication, and investing in community connections that have been crucial to their success.

It's not every day that you get to hear about the incredible support that can be found in a small town like Bowie, Texas. Morgan and Taylor share how the local community has played a significant role in the growth of Rise Therapy. They express their gratitude for the connections they've made, and the impact they've had on the lives of those in their hometown. Tune in to hear their heartwarming story and discover the power of community support in the world of small business.

Music by: Kim Cantwell

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