Welcome to My Hometown. 

In today's episode, Aaron sits down with the owner of A Cottage Florist, Derbi Partridge for a wonderful and insightful conversation.  

Aaron and Derbi discuss how she came to own A Cottage Florist in just 24 hours along with the challenges and success as a small business owner.  

Derbi shares her passions for the floral industry, the path that lead her to being a small business owner, and what makes Bowie a special place to her and why she calls it My Hometown.  

Pull up a seat at the table inside the plant room located at A Cottage Florist to join Aaron and Derbi as they visit about this special flower shop that has been around for more then 50 years.  

Music by: Kim Cantwell

Bowie Mural: Located at Creative Cakes

Connect w/Aaron: www.aarondegler.com