Welcome back to My Hometown!

In today's episode Aaron sits down to with co-owner of Homestyle Collective, Jennifer Kleinhans.  

Jennifer as worn many hats in the past that have helped her keep her main objective in mind, which was being a stay at home mom.  

All of the different jobs Jennifer has had have one thing in common, they allow her to have a creative outlet.  Her creative outlets from painting signs, to decorating cakes, to creating healthy recipes, have lead her to being a co owner of Homestyle Collective.  

Homestyle Collective is a where Jennifer and her partner Chrissy put there skills together to sell you their own style in store or create your style in your own home.  

Have a seat on the coach inside Homestyle Collective to join Aaron and Jennifer as she shares her passions and her journey that has lead her having a business in her hometown.  


Music by: Kim Cantwell

Bowie Mural: Located at Creative Cakes

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