Welcome back to My Hometown!!

Aaron sits down to have a wonderful conversation with the owner of the Wise St. Mercantile & Suite, Elaine Kunkleman.  

Elaine, not a resident of Bowie, shares with us the reasons she decide to open a business in Bowie.  She also shares with us the vision she had for the Mercantile along with her future vision.  

Elaine took time to understand what the city and the citizens wanted from a business and wanted to create a business designed with thoughts needs in mind.  

Join Aaron and Elaine in today's episode as Elaine shares her journey to finding the perfect location for a nice little mercantile on Wise St. in the middle of our Hometown.  

Pull up a seat in the Wise St. Mercantile to join in on Aaron and Elaine's fun conversation.  

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