Welcome back to the Mind Body Project!

In today's episode Aaron sits down with long time client and friend, Deb Murdock.  

Deb is a retired nurse after over 30 years of being involved in the medical field.  Deb shares with us that after being part of the medical field for all of those years she has discovered a more holistic approach to health and wellness.  

Almost two years ago Deb witnesses her husband, Rick, have an event that almost took his life.  Following modern medicine advice Rick began to decline after the event.  Deb began to research and reach out others in her community to find the answer to turn Ricks health around.  

Deb found the answer that has been working wonders for her and Rick for almost a year now.  

Join Aaron and Deb as she shares the method of eating that has turned both of their lives around and also helped them lose a substantial about of weight in the process.